Wrap Slings

What are Wrap Slings?

Wrap slings are available both in stretchy and woven fabrics and are the perfect from birth onwards carriers. Although they do have a steeper learning curve than other styles of carriers, they are also the most versatile. They are also easy to breastfeed in unless you have very large breasts. Both styles are available in a variety of colours and fabrics to suit almost every taste.

Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy wraps are long pieces of stretchy, jersey cotton fabric. They are suitable from birth onwards but generally work best up to around 20lbs. They are a really good choice for newborns and young babies. They come in a range of colours, and sometimes patterns and some are available with a patterned central panel. They are usually one sizes fits most and are generally around 5 metres in length.

To use, the sling is pre-tied before putting the baby in. They can be used on the front, either in an upright or reclined position and some manufacturers suggest a hip carry too.


  • They allow secure hands-free carrying positions for young babies.
  • They are very comfortable, even for people with back problems.
  • Pre-tying makes it easy to pop baby in and out which is very useful for parents who frequently need to use the car.
  • They are a fantastic tool for kangaroo care for premature babies and newborns.
  • They are suitable to breastfeed in.
  • One size fits most and they are very adjustable.


  • They have a limited life span for a chunkier baby and are not supportive enough for carrying babies over around 12 months.
  • They are not suitable for back carries.
  • Some parents may find the amount of fabric overwhelming.

Loan fee for all of these carriers is £5 Deposit is £30

Woven Wraps

A woven wrap is a long piece of fabric which is specially woven to be comfortable for you and your baby without having too much stretch. They are usually made from cotton but are also available in different blends of linen, hemp, wool, silk and cashmere. They are suitable for use from birth to toddler making them very versatile.

They come in a wide range of colours and patterns and different thicknesses. The fabric varies between brands from light breathable gauze-type fabrics to heavier weight woven cotton. Many wraps are made from organic fibres and use certified non-toxic dyes. Woven wraps come in a variety of lengths to suit different parents and carries. Two shoulder carries are the most popular carrying positions and very comfortable from birth upwards. One long wrap (4.6m or longer) will suit most families for most types of carries.

A baby can be carried on the front, back and hip and there are many different carrying variations.


  • They are incredibly versatile with many carrying positions possible.
  • They are very adjustable and comfortable for any size wearer and with chunky babies and toddlers. Lots of instructions available on the internet to enable wearers to try new positions or pick up tips. Excellent for breastfeeding and kangaroo care.
  • Wraps can have other uses such as a blanket or sunshade.


  • Require a bit of practice to master different carries.
  • Not as quick to put on as other carriers can be.
  • Can become addictive as they are so pretty!

Loan fee for all of these carriers is £10 Deposit is £30

The library has the following Wrap Slings available:

Stretchy Wraps:

joyJoy and Joe stretchy wrap

A good value stretchy wrap which is narrower than other brands, so more suitable for younger babies.  Medium thickness with enough stretch to be comfortable.  Has a pocket in the tail which the wrap can be folded into for storage.

Purple-mobyMoby stretchy wrap

Great value, comfortable stretchy wrap carrier, thicker and hotter to wear than other brands (but lovely and snuggly in the winter) and some may find it bulkier than other stretchy wraps.


jpmJe Porte Mon Bebe

Super stretchy, wide and strong wrap that offers excellent support even for bigger babies.

kariKari-me stretchy wrap

Less bulky, thinner and cooler to wear than other stretchy wraps, while still offering ease of use and a great level of support and comfort.



Hana skyHana baby wrap

Bamboo stretchy wap. Soft, thermo- regulating, anti-bacterial & hypo allergenic


gypsyGypsy Mama stretchy wrap

This wrap is medium thickness with a small degree of stretch.  It is quite wide making it a  comfortable choice.



vslVictoria the Sling Lady

The cheapest stretchy wrap available that has been safety tested to EU standards. This wrap is narrower and thinner than most other stretchy wraps, but still works well for small babies.




Hybrid Carriers:

close-caboo-organic-baltic-blueClose Caboo Carrier

Made from the same fabric as a regular stretchy wrap, but with rings to fasten and adjust so that no wrapping or tying is needed. You can use it with or without the extra horizontal support panel.

caboo-nct-grey-stone-carrier-main-2_1Caboo NCT Carrier

Caboo NCT is the result of NCT and Close working together with the shared desire to make easy, intuitive, soft carrying accessible to every new parent.  Designed to be a ‘light’ version of the popular, tried and tested, Caboo Carrier, the Caboo NCT is a flexible, functional carrier that offers an affordable way to nurture and care for your baby with all the freedom of being hands free.

Woven Wraps of all lengths:


Hoppediz Cairo


Girasol Number 8


Bara Barn Pistachio


Amazonas Lollipop

These are a small selection of our woven wraps, we have a number of size 6 & 7 wraps plus a couple of shorties, hoping to add some other sizes soon.