One Shoulder Slings

What are One Shoulder Slings?

Pouches and ring slings are one-shoulder slings. The sling is worn diagonally across the body like a sash which makes them more suitable for wearing for shorter periods of time. They are especially useful for older babies and toddlers who want to walk sometimes and be carried when they get tired.


A pouch sling is a simple loop of fabric, usually with a curved seam sewn in which is folded in half lengthwise to make a pouch and is worn over one shoulder. They can be used from birth to around 30lbs and are a simple ‘pop and go’ carrier. It is possible to do a front carry, both reclined and upright and a hip carry with a baby who has good head and neck control.

They come in different fabrics such as cotton and fleece, some of which have added stretch, and there is a huge choice in colours and patterns. Some pouches are sized and it is important to get the right size for the person wearing it. Others are adjustable with either poppers, buckles or buttons and so will fit a range of sizes, which can make it possible for similar sized people to share a pouch.

Advantages of Pouches:

  • They are a good budget option as they are usually the most inexpensive baby carrier.
  • They fold up very small so can be popped in a handbag or changing bag.
  • They are quick to put on and simple to use.

Disadvantages of Pouches:

  • It is not possible to do an upright front carry with a tiny baby.
  • Pouches are a one-shoulder sling and therefore when carrying a heavier baby or toddler, it is recommended to regularly swap the shoulder you wear the pouch on to avoid any strain on your back or shoulders.
  • It is not possible to share a sized pouch unless both parents are a similar size.

Due to a lack on interest our library no longer hires pouch slings

Ring Slings

Ring slings are a one shoulder sling based on the traditional carriers of South America. The fabric is threaded through a set of rings which forms a pouch in which the baby/child sits. The fabric that hangs down from the rings (which is known as the ‘tail’) allows the wearer to tighten and adjust the sling for a perfect fit. They are suitable from birth into toddlerhood and are relatively quick to learn to use.Ring slings come in padded and unpadded styles and in a huge range of fabrics and colours. There are variations in shoulder style and trying a few styles is advisable to find the shoulder which works best for you. Although they do come in different sizes, the only real difference is in the length of the tail and therefore most parents can share one sling.It is possible to do a front carry from birth (both upright and reclined) and also a hip carry with a ring sling. Babies can easily be moved from one position to another for feeding or naps.


  • It is possible to carry a newborn upright. This makes them more suitable for babies with reflux than a pouch.
  • They’re useful for newly walking toddlers as it’s quick and easy to pop baby in and out.
  • Ring slings are one of the best types of sling for ease of breastfeeding.


  • Not as suitable for parents with back or shoulder problems due to the one-shoulder design.
  • Adjusting the sling takes a little practice which can make them seem fiddly to begin with.

Ring Slings:

Loan fee for all of these carriers is £10 Deposit is £30

Amazonas Carragreen, standard.

Amazonas Carragreen, extra long.

Hoppediz Delhi, gathered shoulder.

Freedom Slings, gauze.